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TRAILER - "THE DAY THE WORLD STOPPED"  A feature film shot in Palm Bay, Florida.  People rob and steal for survival when terrorists knock out all of the electricity east of the Mississippi River.

"HORROR MOVIES SUCK" (5-min.)  Directed by JohnMark Triplett.  George, a horror movie geek, attempts to school his easily frightened roommate, Sam, on the ways of horror by showing him a rare underground film from the late 70's called 'Evil Comes to Soggy Bottom.' The scares onscreen ignite our viewers fear as the legend of this film literally comes to life.  Winner: Best Horror Film  IMDB

"AFTERSHOCK" (11-min.)  Directed by Trevor Smith.  This will be no ordinary Sunday afternoon for Mark and his younger sister Joanne. Arriving home carrying a terrible secret, Mark is in shock while Joanne is getting ready to go out. She will soon forget about her afternoon out, when her brother reveals to her what has just happened out on the road.  Winner: Best Drama.   Website

"THE WRONG KIND OF LUCK" (15-min). Directed by  Jeremy Hockin. If you found £6,000,000 in Cocaine on a beach what would you do? Sam finds himself in this exact situation. It's not the right kind of luck he was wishing for to improve his life. Little does he know where drugs came from,  or who was coming after them.  IMDB

"SHEER LUCK" (14-min.)  Directed by J.D. Koumendakis.  A despondent man escapes death by a pair of shears at the hands of his crazed girlfriend, but not without consequence. Panic-stricken, he calls his lover-whom he believes to be the culprit of his girlfriend's murderous rampage-to his rescue.  IMDB

LOVE AND VIGILANCE" (9-min.) Directed by Monique Ganderton and Sam Hargrave.  An odd but loving couple is determined to clean up their neighborhood by any means necessary. Not your average action comedy.  Winner: Best Director  IMDB

"A DARK SIDE OF HUSBAND & WIFE" (6-min.)  Directed by Mariko Takai.  Seems like a perfect middle aged couple strolling in Central Park on a beautiful day. But life is not always what we expect it to be. Whatever happens, love exists - in the past, in the present and in the future.  IMDB

"THE BET" ( 8-min.)  Directed by Anthony Straeger.  Porter is a man who has spent his life searching for the ultimate thrill. This time he found a game where the stakes were higher than he could ever imagine. Now he finds that he’s bitten off more than he is prepared to chew. Desperate not to fulfill the wager he is on the run, and this time his life is in jeopardy. Being hunted down was not something he had quite bargained for. The Bet is a game of life and death. Will Porter evading paying the ferryman!  Winner: Best Editing.   Website

"REFLECTIONS" (7-min.)  Directed by John Woodruff.  Through the examination of a man's reflection, hints as to who he is are revealed through brief glimpses of the events and circumstances that have led him to his present state of being. Looking beyond the surface of his reflection though, initial assumptions of who and what he is prove not to be entirely accurate, as it is discovered that it is not what one looks at that matters, but what they see; and that ultimately no two people have the same perception of any one thing. Delving further into his life, memories and perceptions begin to surface, revealing an inner turmoil that could lead to cataclysmic results as his past begins to merge with the present.

"THE WATCH" (8-min.)  Directed by Matt Stevens.  New York City is not for the squeamish. More importantly, it is not for anyone without money. Real money. Paul is an average guy with average means and that makes him a dating repellent in NYC. However, one night out, Paul hits the "one night stand" jackpot. All thanks to a fake watch. A cheap Rolex replica that catches the eye of Kim, easily the hottest girl around, not to mention the very same girl that Paul has dreamed of nailing for years. Putting on his best acting chops,  Paul shoots and scores, winning one for the little guy, while taking oh so sweet revenge in the process. IMDB

THE WEATHERWAX LEGACY" (8-min.) Submitted by Gary Lester. The Weatherwax Legacy features the world's foremost animal trainer, Bob Weatherwax. Bob describes a family history that has provided Hollywood with such iconic animal stars as Asta from The Thin Man, Toto in Wizard of Oz, and the immortal Lassie. Animal activist Temple Grandin joins Bob to help share his dream of now training dogs for a higher purpose in life -- as service animals for people with disabilities. IMDB