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"KINGWOOD - LAPSED" - (2-min.)  Directed by: Charles Quinn Frutos.  A micro avant-garde music video.

"CIVIL" (15-min.)  Directed by  by Weston Middleton. The Year is 1865. The country stands divided. War rages on the battlefields and in the hearts of men. For one Confederate soldier, his loyalty is tested. For God. For Country. Forever.  Winner: Best Cinematography.   IMDB

"ATTACK OF THE KILLER MUTANT CHICKENS" (15-min.)  Directed by Nayeem Mahbub.  In the near future, Bangladesh is terrorized by killer mutant chickens. Our heroes, a team of kung-fu fighting chefs, hunt the monster chickens; they are determined to keep chicken on the menu. But are they really heroes? Or are they merely hunters? The chickens may have a legitimate grudge against their human former masters.

"THE HIT" (6-min.) Directed by Gary Lester. When a mobster's wife drains his checking account, she becomes a target of her husband's hitmen. What these hardcases fail to understand is that she is as unpredictable as they come, and more than a match for any man.   IMDB

"DANNY DAN DANNO AND THE DICE TRAIN" (7-minutes). Directed by Brandon Anthony. Two cops who just can't seem to get things right.   IMDB

"YOU" (2-min.) Directed by Bill Lae. 'You' is a reminder of just what a powerful creator you are (and all of humanity is). You have taken on many different forms in this one lifetime, and everything you imagine brings creation into this world. YOU are the face and arms of God in this world.  IMDB

"RICKY GOES TO HOLLYWOOD" (13-min.) Directed by Roy Parras. Ricky wants to be a serious character actor in Hollywood. However, he is often called to audition for stereotypical roles with bad cliched writing that he detests. Unable to pay his bills, Ricky descends into debt with no hope of getting a part in a film. A disappointed parent doesn't make it any easier on him.  IMDB

"MOUND BAYOU" (8-min.) Directed by Jon Ross. A documentary about former slaves that started the first African American governed town in the United States. Winner: Best Documentary.  IMDB

"THE RAINING AFTERNOON" (12-min.)  Directed by: Minsoo Lee.  It was a rainy day in my life when sunshine visited my little dying heart.

SHOCKING" (10-min.) Directed by David Cooper.  A comedy that tells the story of a retired senior citizen and his rather unusual hobby. Winner: Best  Florida Short.