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"APOCALYPSE SALAD" (12-min)  Directed by Ryan Pierson.  Starring an ensemble cast of bonafide scene-stealers, the film takes viewers on a stylized, whirlwind ride of absolute craziness.The mostest average of average joes, Rob, is on a mission to find the 'Jello' that killed his mom. Joined by a rag-tag group of friends, he will stop at nothing to rid the world if this dreaded onslaught of evil...even if that mission brings them all face to face with an unhealthy serving of armageddon's deadliest appetizers.  Website

"CHEATING" (8-min.) Director Amr Metwally. Alex is a well-to-do man bored with his marriage life, he is prodded by his drinking buddies to cheat on the wife. At the scene of the affair-to-be, he meets a man who has gone down his same path and lost everything. The man pours out his soul and cautions Alex from doing the same mistakes. IMDB

"OBSERVE AND REPORT" (7-min.) Directed by Nick Kelly. A lonely CCTV operator falls in love with a woman through his monitor, but lacks the traditional social skills to introduce himself to her. IMDB

"I AM JESUS CHRIST" (14-min.) Directed by Vincent Gargiulo. Jesus Christ is back and he’s PISSED! Christmas has become more about Santa, presents, and chestnuts instead of Him. What’s a neglected Savior to do? Why, take a job as a store Santa, of course! There He can deliver the true meaning of Christmas to those the future will lie upon. But it’s not so easy! Featuring 14 original songs in 14 original minutes, Jesus is Santa in this wacky & endearing Christmas story. Co-stars John the Baptist, a couple of angels, angry businesspeople, and some man in a bad sweater named Ted Booney. Hear new songs such as “Love is Fake”, “Get Lost Hippie”, and “Banish It To The Moon!” Can Jesus take back his holiday? Find out in I AM JESUS CHRIST.  Winner: Best Music Video   IMDB

"BROKEN TRIANGLE" (5-min). Directed by Charles Frisby.  A P.I. gets a late night caller. Out of curiosity he takes on the case. Little does he know that he is one of the victims in the case.

"MARRIED" (12-min.) Directed by Arian Harandi.  As college approaches, Jason tries to end his long running relationship with, Naomi, but she is not having it. In an attempt to salvage the relationship,  Naomi drugs Jason and makes him believe that they got  MARRIED!  IMDB

"THE 1964 DREAM" (5-min.) Directed by Ray & Migdalia Etheridge.  "I dreamed of dank, dark places, and dead bodies"...  IMDB

"DIREK ASK (Love is Blind)" (11-min.) Directed by Ertug Tufekcioglu.  A desperately unhappy woman finds love while not expecting it at all. And Love makes Serap blind. If it's Love...  Winner: Best Foreign Film.  Website

"A CRY FOR HELP" (4-min.)  Submitted by Kevin Flaherty.  A young boy has to take care of his younger sister.

"SPEED DATING" (5-min.) Submitted by Mary Niederkorn.  A neurotic woman unexpectedly encounters the man of her dreams in a chance meeting on the street. As their relationship blossoms, will she find true love this time around? Or... is she setting herself up for a catastrophic failure?  Website

"McCLINT" (9-min.) Directed by Kevin Barry.  Inspired by 80's action films such as Cobra; McClint is a pastiche in honor of over the top action heroes. IMDB

"I WANT TO BE ME" (3-min.)  Directed by Lauren Selman.  Produced by Pina De Rosa. It's about amplifying the voice of our children and reminding us that the future depends on being ourselves, and following our dreams. You know it's up to you, what do you want to be?