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"BAD SPIRITS" (4-min.). A music video
by Migdalia Etheridge and Tony Finno dedicated to the Native American Medicine Man.  Website    IMDB

"THE SECRET LIFE OF JONATHAN SKY" (15-min.) Directed by Kevin Slee. How far will one man go to mend a broken heart...  IMDB

"SPOILT BROTH" (5-min.) Directed by Toby Roberts. A despairing young man decides the only way to rid his life of its problems is to get rich quick by robbing a post office. The problem is he’s never done it before. Felix goes beyond his comfort zone by arming himself with a pistol, walking into a quiet, rural post office and holding them up at gun point. Short, quick and easy. What he doesn’t anticipate is – when it comes to the crunch – it’s not that easy! First of all, what the hell do you say?  Winner: Best Short  IMDB

"NEXUS" (11-min.) Directed by Wei-Li Tu. Story of a man who is sent to an isolation room for 600 days as part of a NASA scientific experiment-- but, soon finds out there's something threatening his survival.  IMDB

"ONE. OF. FIVE." (7-min.)  Submitted by Mike Madigan.  Two willing participants face-off in a series of computer-generated questions, to determine if their own life, or the life of their fellow man, can be deemed more important.Winner: Best Screenplay. IMDB

"DEAD WALK THE EARTH" (7-min.) Directed by Ron T. Baker. In 1968, first time director, George A. Romero made a film that began a fascination with the living dead. This documentary crew set out to discover why our society is all about zombies. We interviewed Lou Angel Troche, a filmmaker and avid zombie movie fan; Josh Duke, Uno Chicago Grill General Manager and host of an annual zombie party; The Deadite Empire, a zombie social club and sponsor of the annual zombie party; Brian Wolfe, a makeup artist, instructor and author; Kat Quast, organizer of the annual Zombietoberfest; as well as numerous zombies and sympathizers alike who participate in the Spooky Empire Zombie Walk that takes place in Orlando, Florida every October. IMDB

"BIONIC WAITRESS" (10-min.)  Directed by George Munoz.  Meet Ruby! A clumsy waitress that deserves the bad waitress of the year award! She ends up being kidnapped by the evil scientist Ms. Chin who changes Ruby's life FOREVER! Ruby is part robot now and only wants to use her new powers to be the greatest waitress . . . But Ms. Chin wants Ruby to become her bionic super slave for her own wrath. Ruby wants to become the greatest waitress that ever lived. But first she must escape from the sinister Ms. Chin. IMDB

"AS DARK AS NIGHT" (10-min.)  Directed by James S.M. Woods.  Lost in a head filled with Shakespeare, a man has his love brutally rejected, throwing him into obsession and madness, and sending him down a path of bloody murder. IMDB

"LIVE OUTSIDE THE BOX" (5-min.)  Directed by Shu-Hsuan Lin.  By the advancement of the technology and network, people believe that the field of their vision is broadened, but on the other hand, they might neglect the fact that their substantial living space is gradually shrinking. People spend more time sitting in front of their computers but less time interacting with others. The leading character Simon is now suffering from this common failing. He is a workaholic without any social contact. Gradually his world becomes smaller and smaller and even at the very end, there is nothing left in his world but only his work. This severe impact finally wakes him up and pushes him to do some changes. Now Simon has to find the right way to bring his life back before everything is too late… Winner: Best Animation.    Website

"LEE" (6-min.)  Directed by Roland Wiryawan.  Lee is no ordinary warrior: he has a secret love. When his secret is revealed - Lee must face the hardest battle of her life: to gain respect.. IMDB

"SHADES OF PRIDE" (7-min.)  Directed by Michael Viers. Charlie, an older man, living a simple, comfortable life on a rural farm with his wife, has his land bought from under him by a faceless person. Charlie, now living on the land as a tenant, no longer has the freedoms he once had, and must attempt to live his life as normal as he can. All is well until a messenger from the new owner is sent to discuss a deck Charlie built without any permission. Charlie chooses to confront the man, shotgun in hand, as his young Grandson watches knowing fully who this man is and who he represents.  IMDB

"LOSS" (7-min.).  Directed by Giles Ford-Crush.  A story of aspiration, showing the difference between innocent enthusiasm, and the harsh reality of life as an early aviator.